Monday, March 27, 2006


Recovering the Vision of A. B. Simpson is, to begin with, a small homage to the Canadian Theological Seminary publication Rebirth of a Vision. It was then our desire to explore the nuances of Simpson's thought and apply them to the church in the eighties.

So long ago! But, the desire still remains. Actively I hope to comment on current trends, thoughts, books, articles and perhaps even movies and T.V. shows, as well as give thoughts of my own. The idea is to add stimulation to the on-going conversation in the church, especially the Canadian church, on how, once again, we can be part of the holistic vision of a leader such as A.B. Simpson. But, I will seldom actually be referencing Simpson. Instead, the reader should understand that his life and thought form a backdrop, perhaps even a stage, for the thoughts and dialogue which I hope will occur here.


justmeghs said...

I'm excited that you've started a blog. Looking forward to your thoughts and the conversations which will ensue.

Just Surfing By said...

Stumbled across your blog via the C&MA website. I'm impressed (with your blog and pastoral letters). Glad to know that church leaders are starting to engage emergent thought as it's pretty mainstream with anyone under 30. I look forward to your future posts and good luck.

Mike Bell said...

Wondering if we have strayed so far from Simpson's vision that it cannot be rebirthed. Perhaps we need a new vision for a new century.