Sunday, July 22, 2012

Facing evil with no answers Ravi turns us toward the cross. Through the cross the soul can be recovered.

New Birth or Rebirth? Jesus Talks With krishna, ---and --- Sense and sensuality: Jesus Talks with oscar wilde on the prusuit of pleasure

Finally, he began a project to take on the thought systems of the world. I will because of time only note two: Hinduism in, Jesus Talks With Krishna, and the world of pleasure in Jesus Talks with Oscar Wilde, are two of my favorites. Written creatively Ravi draws from his own knowledge of Hinduism, a knowledge that is deep and personal yet caring and compassionate.
In the imagined dialogue with Oscar Wilde Ravi’s true evangelistic heart is revealed as he even brings Pascal into the fray to battle for Wilde's soul. Here the Gospel is brought forward; the work of Christ on the Cross is shown to be the compelling answer to the idolatrous systems of the world. I simply love these two books the most.
It is with great pleasure tonight that we have heard from you and that here in Toronto we acknowledge the sovereign and gracious work of the Father in so anointing you to faithfully proclaim the cross of Jesus Christ to this generation.

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