Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Books Read: The Unity of the Bible

Fuller's Unity of the Bible, 1992, is a grand overview of the story of redemption. Fuller wrote this to speak to the growing trend to deny unity, looking only at the individual writer's perspective. Fuller writes from what I might call a modest Reformed perspective. I hold to the concept that the Bible has unity, that it is a presentation of the unfolding work of redemption, but I think that Fuller did not see redemption enough from a Christological perspective. For him, the work of God, and this is where the Reformed perspective dominates, is the glory of God, which is not to be denied, but is not the glory of God his love? God does not need to magnify sin so that we will somehow understand his mercy. Fuller emphasizes mercy, which is powerful to be sure, but unless we grasp the love of God in sending his Son I do not think we grasp the unity of the Bible.

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